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RoboSteel Superbike

RoboSteel recently completed a superbike to match a super car we built last year for TopGear.  This motorcycle was completed from a concept based on the amazing artist ToonRama.  RoboSteel continues to break new ground in the design and constructing of steel sculptures made entirely from recycled steel.

Motorbike  Concept

Robosteel Motorcycle


It was Thomas Edison who first said “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. At RoboSteel our mission is to create both simple and complex steel sculptures from recycled materials. At RoboSteel anything you can imagine is real.

RoboSteel are based in Ireland but we can ship any of our sculptures worldwide. Come and visit us at Cows Lane Temple Bar (Mon-Sat) in Dublin. You can also come and collect your sculpture at our studio.

All our metal statues are hand-made from scrap metal auto-parts. Each sculpture is unique and will last for generations.

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