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The MotorcycleMan: A Concept Becomes Reality

The Carole Nash International Motorcycle and Scooter Show and The Red Adventure recently provided RoboSteel with a fantastic opportunity to create an Eco-minded life size MotorCycle Man sculpture.  They provided the concept and asked RoboSteeel to build a man based on their imagery of a man created from recycled motorcycle parts.


The motorcycle man is a perfect example of recycling in a digital age.  The original concept art was provided by the talented illustrator and graphic design artist Simon Roberts from The Red Adventure who used Adobe to create the original digital image.    Simon began by making pencil sketches, using photos of figures and anatomical drawings for reference.  Once the posture had been finalised, he began to piece the Motorcycle Man together, painstakingly resizing, distorting, positioning, and repositioning photos of bike parts, before carefully blending them to create the final mechanical man masterpiece.  When RoboSteel finally meet up with Simon it quickly became apparent that he had created the original graphic in his own image and the metal sculpture looked very much like him.

Orginal Concept Motorcycleman


Building the Man:

The RoboSteel MotorCycleMan AKA RoboMan is made entirely from recycled motorcycle parts and took over 750 hours to construct.  Standing at 2 metres tall this one off sculpture has well over a thousand motorcycle parts creatively hidden.  If you look closely you will be able to see parts from many motorcycle manufacturers, including Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and many others.

work in progress

Tony Todd (AKA the fallen from the movie Transformers 2) is a big fan of RoboSteel and dropped by to see the sculpture in person.

Tony Todd

The inspiration behind RoboSteel

Picasso’s sculpture of the bicycle saddle and a handlebar was the first example of a work made from everyday things, using junk or scrap. Like other of Picasso’s firsts this work opened up new possibilities for artists. In this instance – sculptors, who for centuries had employed traditional materials such as stone or wood now instead, many of them began to incorporate junk materials into their work (known as assemblages) or fashion new objects from them. The works are a great example of the inventive genius of Picasso and the ultimate inspiration for RoboSteel.

RoboSteel are based in Ireland and have completed commissions for corporate clients including Google, Activision, Jolt Online Gaming and many other private clients around the world.  You can visit them at or follow them on Twitter @RoboSteel

It was Thomas Edison who first said “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.   RoboSteel’S mission is to create both simple and complex steel sculptures from recycled materials. At RoboSteel anything you can imagine is real.

the finished design 2

simon the graphic designer poses beside the sculpture

Rear View Motorcycleman

the finished design

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